Programming Tools

There are many online tools your Patrol Or Troop can use to help organise activities, design your program, or submit reports for review. Here are a few:


An online task management system, Trello is like a digital noticeboard and whiteboard in one. When you’re running a Troop Council, Trello can help you list out your activities for the Term, assign Scouts to oranise them, add lists to activities (like menu lists, a to-do list of tasks like permission slips, hike plans etc), and set reminders when things are due. Trello is free and you can create an account at:


Slack brings all the messages and communication of a Troop into one place. Using Slack reduces back and forth emails- all your conversations are in one place, organised into “channels”. Your troop could have a channel for Jamboree, or for Stradbroke Cup, or for the upcoming Movie Night. In each channel, you posts messages that can be text, images, PDFs… almost any form of attachment. It’s great for organising an activity because messages pop up instantly, replying is a breeze, and you can search older posts easily. Slack is also free and you can try it at:


An online video conferencing tool, Zoom is super easy to use and is pretty tolerant of low bandwidth connections. Use Zoom to run virtual Troop Councils, participants can share documents and present to the group. Zoom is free for video calls up to 40 miinutes in length and you can try it at  

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